The Burden of Song

by (young) American Landscape

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Two songs from our 2011 release.
Out of Print.


released October 21, 2011



all rights reserved


(young) American Landscape Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Slow Dive
He walked along the ridgeline watching the sky swell with pressure and push light through cracks in the darkness. He wondered how long ago that light had first escaped, and how long then it took before it reached his eyes. He thought of her and the first time they kissed, her body pressed against the reds, yellows and oranges of a Carolina fall.

It all seems so far gone.

“The sins of two- thousand years fell to the ground beneath me; they covered the earth and were buried beneath our homes. i felt so small.”


Doesn’t it scare you to think that our fathers grew up climbing the same trees we did as kids? I imagine us taking our own kids to see those ancient creatures, explaining to them that there was a past that existed apart from strip malls and internet identities. I hope they believe us. I hope they believe in anything.
Track Name: Until Death Welcomes Us Home
What light could break through this blanket of evil?
How long will the brokenhearted cry out while the heart’s of the powerful grow cold with greed?
Justice unfolds like a mother losing her child.
Ripped from her arms by the backbreaking tides of will and desire.
Lust for the knowledge of the world.
The mysteries of coming of age.
I can still see you then, naked in the summer sun.
Laughing at my disposition.
You have made your way into all of my memories.
They hang there in the air like a fog;
I breathe them in.
They are now as much a part of my chemistry as my psyche.
How long have we chased after youth my friend?
How many times has she escaped us?
There is a darkness we’re all creeping toward,
Forever aging into recreation.